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Ultravid Review – Is it scam or legit? A content curation software

A solution for your video marketing needs.

Ultravid Review: An honest review from someone who purchased this product

Hi, Matias here, and today I’m providing you with an honest review of Ultravid which is the easy way to lock in for your profits so and I’m going to show you a full demo and what I think about the product. Ultravid is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to build you one-click video sites like never before, so the way this is different than anything out there is that you can lock each video and force the visitors to sign up to your list, click your ads or share your video on social media before they can continue to watch the video.

On top of that you can add 100% unique content below each video by extracting the audio and converting it to text, this is insanely effective at getting easy rankings in search engines so this means you can set up entire sites and get traffic from both social media as well as SEO traffic, build your own list on autopilot and use this list to sell them products, it’s a true all-in-one money-making system.

ultravid review

  • SmartLocker Technology Triples Conversion: you can lock a video and force your visitors to complete an action to continue watching.
  • SEO Built-in: Get high ranks on Google.
  • 100% unique content: Adds unique content next to each video which helps your site rank easily.
  • Amazon integrated: You can promote your Amazon affiliate products and make commissions.

Now I will show you some of the main features of Ultravid, first be aware this is an amazing product that is going to create money-making posts, sites, and pages with a just couple of clicks. Second, it’s the best video curator that automatically adds videos to your website that convert very well. Third, it creates 100% unique content which is SEO optimized for you and is also capable of locking any video so you can increase your profits. It can ask your visitors to perform certain actions such as like a video, share it, subscribe to your email list or click on an ad before continue watching.  Also, there is a built-in lead generation system which allows you to build your list on autopilot, and on top of that you can sell and promote any product from Amazon as this plugin is fully integrated with Amazon.

You can see all the steps and reports inside the admin panel and yes, the designs are responsive so they look good on all devices. Now I will show you more in depth how the plugin works, as you can see I have already installed the plugin, the first thing you will see after opening the admin panel will be 4 tabs: search, campaigns, autoresponder, settings and upgrade.

ultravid reviewLet’s start with the SEARCH Tab, here you can search any kind of videos here, you can even search videos using only one keyword. I will search for “make money online”, as you can see there are more than 1 million results here, so I’m going to just choose a few videos here. You have the option of loading more, just go to the bottom of the page and click “load more”. Then, you have to select a category and then you are going to put the status as publish.

Get Ultravid here

ultravid reviewThe next section is the campaign type, here you can choose many options, for example, you can choose “share to watch video” which means your visitor will have to share your video before continuing to watch the video. Another option is to “sign up to watch video”, here you can build your list or you can also put in a custom code, you could add a banner for example. Another interesting option is “sign up to watch video” which allows you to display a header and an email input form so your email list can grow.

ultravid reviewRight below that section you will find the “Amazon Affiliate Program” section where you can type any product related keyword and add it to your post. The products will be displayed at the bottom of the video and every time someone clicks on the picture and buys the product, you will make a commission.

ultravid reviewAfter that, you can click continue which will bring you to the next section. As you can see in the picture below, on the left side you will see the video you choose to promote, the original video description (Not good for SEO purposes). On the right side, you will see “Video to text content (good for SEO)” which is an amazing tool that extracts the audio and converts it into text. Believe me, with this tool your problem of finding new content and writers will be solved! This section allows you to edit the text and make any changes as needed, personally, I usually copy the text into Microsoft Word and edit it with the changes I want. After the text has been edited or you like it, you can hit POST ALL.

ultravid review


ultravid reviewNow, I’m going to show you how it would look on a website after hitting the post all button. When I click on the play button the plugin will ask the visitor to share the video to continue watching, this will help your site become popular and your content will get viral traffic from Facebook and Twitter.


ultravid reviewAlso, there is another option where you can add a subscription form, after 10 to 15 seconds of playing the video, the visitor will be asked to type in their email address if they want to continue watching.


This is how it looks after adding Amazon products to your campaign, as mentioned before they are added right below your video as you can see in the picture on the left.




This is a great product which has allowed me to bring new content to my website in a fast and easy way and I think is good if you also give it a try!. Get Ultravid here.

Get Ultravid here

Awesome Product

Easy to use, reliable, no issues, SEO friendly, very affordable.

  • Design
  • SEO Friendly
  • Effective

The content below the video is imported correctly however it needs to be edited before publishing the post, other than that I don't see any other cons.

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